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accounting firm in kuala lumpur


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We provide a comprehensive suite of business solutions, including services for chartered accountant firms, to support your business growth. We take care of your non-core but critical functions so you can focus on generating revenue and growing your business. Our expertise ensures efficient handling of tasks.

accounting firm in kuala lumpur

Our audit and assurance services are designed to help clients meet their legal obligations and their business needs and requirements

accounting firm in kuala lumpur

We are committed to assisting businesses and organizations to maximize the benefits by utilising the tax framework and fulfilling the tax compliance obligations in an efficient and timely manner.

accounting firm in kuala lumpur

We keep ourselves updated with the latest regulatory and legislative developments to help businesses to save their time and energy in simplifying the payroll complexities. 

outsourced accounting company

Bookkeeping services are the key for most companies in making sure that their financial transactions are recorded accordingly for easy examination when needed.

outsourced accounting company

Our team will employ our expertise in carrying out the required tasks needed for the formation of your company, ensuring your company is set up without a hitch.

outsourced accounting company

You can now focus on growing and expanding your company without worrying about any of the administrative tasks and secretarial needs.


We YP & CO are an accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur providing outsourced accounting services, outsourced secretarial services, incorporation of new companies into Malaysia, and many other services that will benefit your company. With our professional team of accountants, lawyers, and secretaries, we aim to provide you with the best and most reliable services for your company and to help you ensure that your company succeeds and achieves all the goals that you set for your company. 

Outsourcing these chartered accountant firms services will help you and your company, as you will have more time on your hands to focus on growing and expanding your company. You won't have to worry about anything related to your accounting department or any of the secretarial tasks that you might have to finish because of the deadlines coming up.

At YP & CO, we are also an accounting firm in Malaysia that aims to provide the best accounting and secretarial services for our clients to ensure that all of their accounting and secretarial needs and tasks are met and in compliance with the laws set by the local government. If you engage with an accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur, you will receive professional and reliable services from a team of certified accountants. 


As an accounting firm in Malaysia, we are also careful in making sure that all of the work and tasks that we complete are in compliance with local laws set by the government and we treat all of our clients' tasks the same way. Contact our consultants today at YP & CO to find out more about what professional and reliable services would benefit your company the most!


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