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Outsource Payroll Services Malaysia

At YP & CO, we provide payroll processing services so that you don't need to process your staff’s salaries every month. Payroll processing is often dreaded by the HR Department in companies as HR and Payroll personnel have to look into the work timing of all the workers in the company, and they also have to consider the leaves taken by the employees, the type of leaves that they take, overtime payment, claims, and many more factors that come into place.

Services We Offer

Register with an outsource payroll services Malaysia at YP & CO because we can help your company process all of your staff's payroll, and we even offer other services such as being able to track the leaves that your staff takes and your staff will also be able to apply for leaves through our payroll processing system.


There are many services that we offer with our payroll processing systems, and some of those services include providing your company with a monthly payroll report which you can customise according to your company's needs, transferring the salaries of your staff that are included in the payroll of your company, and submitting and paying all monthly contributions to all relevant bodies before the deadlines such as EPF and SOCSO.

Service We Offer
Register with Us

Register With Us

You can register with YP & CO for our payroll services by contacting our consultants, and they will brief you on everything that you need to know about the payroll processing services and our payroll processing system. Then you will have to submit the complete list of your staff's information and salaries to us, and we will register your company and all of your staff and their information into our payroll processing systems. Once you have registered with us and your company's information has been registered into our systems, your company will receive monthly customised payroll reports at the end of every month, and we will bank on the salary of your staff, and they will receive an e-payslip of their salary through email.

Why Choose Us

We at YP & CO have a professional and experienced team of accountants who can help you and your company with the payroll of your staff in a process that is smooth and reliable. You won't have to worry about your staff not receiving their salary as we will provide a payslip for your staff and you.


We can also help you submit all the necessary forms related to the payroll of your company for your yearly tax submission purposes. All of our services as a payroll company in Malaysia are available to you, and you can use these services to keep track of your financial records and also customise these reports to your liking and for the benefit of your company. 

Why Choose Us
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